Kindly check the EB Bill and typically to generate about 360 Units (kWh) per month a 3KWp system will be required.

Shadow free and flat terrace area of about 10 SqM per kWp is required.

Sending back the excess power generated to Grid by a captive solar plant.

  • Existing meter will have to be replaced by a "Bi-Directional" meter.
  • Customer will get a credit for units exported.
  • Bill will be based on Net Energy Consumed.
  • As per Tamil Nadu Solar Energy Policy 2012,Net Meter available to below customers,

  • LT Tariff IA : Domestic, Handloom, Nutrition Centres, etc.
  • LT Tariff IC : L.T. Bulk supply, Railway Colonies, Defense colonies etc.
  • LT Tariff IIA : Public lighting, water supply, Sewer, Village Panchayats /Town Panchayat & Municipality/ Corporations.
  • LT Tariff IIB(1) : Govt and Aided Educational Institutions, Govt. Hospitals.
  • LT Tariff V : Commercial.
  • On Grid System – No, this system works in sync with Grid power and will turn off during grid outages.
    Off Grid System – Yes, this system works without Grid power and will continue to work during grid outages.

    Non Penetrative type – Aluminium frames with self-ballasted concrete blocks to withstand heavy winds.

    Monthly once and depending upon the dirt accumulation the cleaning schedule can be increased.

    Yes, KKN Energy works with banks / finance institutions to help customers finance the installation of Solar PV systems. It is possible to get up to 70% of the system cost financed.